Orange Peels Heavy Duty Hand Wipes

SKU: WPS-59-9206

Orange Peels Plus’ new and improved powerful formula is ready to get to work. These multi-purpose wet wipes have a powerful orange formula that will quickly cut through oil-based stain, grease, oil, paint, sealant, tar, wax, epoxy, dirt, grime and most graffiti. This stronger formula is made to clean hands, metals, laminates, fiberglass, machinery and tools.  Orange Peels Plus is convenient and efficient for hand cleaning when water is not available. The wipes contain lanolin and vitamin E so they are gentle on hands.  The dual texture helps cut through the toughest job. Clean with the rough side of the wiper and then use the smooth side for the final finish.

We wouldn't sell them if we didn't use them ourselves..... we've used the other bramds out there, even the big name brands but have all come to agreement that these are THE hand cleaner wipes you really want!